Video Art: Sleep

This piece is a conversation about relating to others inspired by the words of Rainer Maria Rilke. It’s an exploration of aloneness as a permanent and welcomed state of unique human experience. To an extent being alone is not a choice - we are all simply alone. By honoring boundaries for solitude there is space to recognize what wants to emerge from within us, and so to encourage our self fulfillment. And with love, while we hope to find something meaningful, there is no clearly defined path or outcome. Love may be, “two lonelinesses protecting one another, setting limits and acknowledging one other.” There is also mention of the difficulty of self inquiry, where the feelings of grief are described as something intimate taken from us. Yet, he suggests the beauty and trust of this process - where the unfamiliar transitions from not yet known, and then, into something new.

Performers: Alexa Eisner, Justin Clark

Cinematographer: Stephen Mage

Editor: Alexa Eisner

Sound Designer: Cochrane McMillan

Words by: Rainer Maria Rilke