Video Art: The Realm

A few women and myself took a day trip to make some art and explore. At the time I knew I wanted to play with the themes of freedom and constriction using fabric. Months later I decided to create an edit about the The Realm we went into that afternoon. Recently I picked up the book, Poetics of Space, by French phenomenologist philosopher, Gaston Bachelard. I studied phenomenology as it applies to body and environment during my Masters, so finding Bachelard’s application to architecture was exciting given my love of design.

The text in the video can be divided into three sections. I loosely translate it as the following, but this is open for interpretation.

  • Being still and alone to step into the power of imagination outside of the egoic mind.

  • The house as a metaphor which questions the structures and constructs we are raised in.

  • Memory not as a concrete reality but a fluid relative experience.

Performers: Alexa Eisner, Sarah Harf

Cinematographer: Kristina Bakrevski

Editor: Alexa Eisner

Sound Designer: Cochrane McMillan

Words By: Gaston Bachelard

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