Terrain, Midway Gallery, Featured Artist, San Francisco CA Fall 2016

Installation performance integrating dance and painting

Alexa has a background in social rebellion through dance where art interrupts the redundancy of public spaces. In her Terrain performance she will be challenging traditional concepts of what “landscape” is by provoking viewers to consider the terrains we navigate outside of the physical and external. Alexa explains:

“I’m thinking about the boundaries between things. There are just so many terrains that happen at once that can also collapse [together] and simultaneously be separated. With the inner landscape inevitably you’re still always a physical body, [and] we’re all, every day, going through our own inner landscapes. [Yet] we’re still bodies exploring through space interacting with other bodies, interacting in environments. So, it’s like you’re never really separate. You’re always within a context--you're always interacting in the world. So, I’m looking at these layers of the inner experience and how that [personal] energy literally impacts the way others interact with their environments. I want you to think about your own inner experiences, your own inner perceptions, your own body, and how [those things] relate to space and other bodies.”

Excerpt from the Midway Gallery