Alexa Eisner

IDEO Reimagine Series

Installation performance for Element Event, San Francisco CA

The event theme considered environmental decline, over population, and food issues. In response, the installation of live dance, painting, and video, invites viewers to experience themselves as a participant and witness.

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Make Room Installation

American Craft Council, San Francisco CA

Invited to represent one of the four directions, the producing trio Creator(Conceptions) created an installation for the South, which pointed to the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon. Alexa painted the mixed media murals inspired by the topography of the Amazon, and incorporated natural materials such as moss and bark.

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Harvest Moon Event

Installation performance with musician Poolside, San Francisco CA

In response to the event theme of “process,” the installation of live dance and painting invites viewers to participate as they like, ranging from spectator to collaborator.

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Material Dance

The Grey Room recording studio, Oakland CA 

A material dance with musician Kevin Friedrichsen who plays live modular synth. The process unfolds from dance drawing, leading into cutting and collaging, and then photographing paper layers and found sound cables.

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Live Painting Mural

Video of the painting process, Los Angeles CA

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