Excerpt from the Midway Gallery,, San Francisco, CA 2016

For Alexa the performance is an opportunity to explore movement and the idea of the body as machine as she uses herself to portray the mechanisms of the press. Alexa elaborates:

“On one hand the body is already a machine. On the other hand machine is often viewed in juxtaposition to the body. This [performance] highlights both at once and perhaps dissolves that boundary. Machine as soft and organic. Body as precise and predictable. It's an exploration of boundary and the body relating to environment.“


At the heart of James’ most recent projects is a drive to push the boundaries of printmaking. This desire inspired his “process landscapes” and are in turn are intrinsic to the planned performance with Alexa:

“I want to do something that people haven’t seen before when they think of printmaking. So I think this is a great way for people to be introduced to the artwork, which seems out of place in printmaking itself. So not using a press kinda fits the bill for what we’re doing,” James explains.